The Best Places to Meet Women

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You’re finally ready to meet women again. You’re finally ready to put yourself back out there. But where do you go to meet that special lady? Where do you go to finally connect with a girl on a whole new level?

Sure, you can do it as you always do and hit the bars. You can start pounding the pavement at the clubs and see if you can work your magic and hook up. Or you can do something different. You can step outside yourself and try something new.

So what’s it going to be? The same old story or will you choose to write a new chapter in your life. Will you choose to do something different to find the right girl in a different way?

Let’s take a look at the best places to meet women outside of the typical bar and club scene. Are you ready?

Then let’s do it…

Are You up for Some Home Repair Shopping?

You may not realize this, but a great place to meet women is in the home repair store. If you see a woman that catches your eye while shopping for home repair supplies, don’t hesitate to go up to her and ask her opinion.

Maybe you plan to paint your house in the near future, and you aren’t sure what color to paint a particular room. Ask the girl about different paint colors. Tell her you want a woman’s touch.

You never know where this conversation may lead. If she’s really interested, you can invite her back to your house so she can help you make all kinds of home repair decisions.

Who knows what will happen once you have her inside of your man cave? All kinds of cool things can happen. So don’t hesitate to chat up the hottie that you run into in the home improvement store. It could certainly be worth your while.

Are You Ready to Expand Your Mind?

And by expand your mind, I’m talking about visiting your local bookstore. This is another fantastic place to meet hot women. You’d be surprised how many beautiful women visit the bookstore each and every day. If you haven’t been there in a while, put your Kindle or iPad down and head out to the local Barnes & Noble for a change.

Here’s what you need to do inside the bookstore…

While you’re there, make it seem like you’re having a tough time deciding which books you should buy. Then when you see a beautiful woman walking through the aisles, stop her and ask her opinion. See if she has any recommendations that she can provide you. Make up any excuse to talk to her and ask her advice.

Let’s say you plan to go on vacation soon. Or maybe you just want to use it as an excuse even though you don’t have a trip coming up.

Tell this woman that you need reading material for your flight or train ride, car ride or whatever. Tell her you need to pass the time during your travels.

Explain the kind of reading you would normally do while on vacation, and see if she has a good recommendation for you.

Once you start talking to her, and she sees that you trust her judgment, you’ll have made a real impression on this woman. At this point, it’s a good time to ask for her phone number and tell her that you’d like to give her a call and go out once you get back from your trip.

This is a great way to start talking to women and you should head to the local bookstore every chance you get. You’d be surprised how many beautiful women you’ll run into while walking through the aisles. So definitely check it out today.

Next up…

Take a Class at the Local Community College

This should be a no-brainer, but guys tend to overlook community college all the time. But you know as well as I do that beautiful women are crawling all over the community college campuses all across America and even around the world.

Why waste this golden opportunity to meet a great chick?

Now there’s a couple ways you can approach this…

You can pique your curiosity and enroll in some classes, and once you’re there talk to the women on campus. Or you can act like you’re there to meet somebody – a guy friend – but you have to wait around for a couple of hours before he gets out of class.

It’s really up to you, but you’ll have a better chance at success if you’re actually enrolled in the college on some level.

Maybe you can take a yoga class, try your hand at painting or learn a foreign language. Enroll in a class that really interests you, you know what I mean?

This will also give you and this gorgeous girl something to talk about while you figure out a way to ask her out. Plus you need to get to know her, and she needs to get to know you and this is a great way to do it.

But it’s definitely not the only way. Let’s see what else we can come up with…

The Local Dog Park

Do you know how easy it is to meet women when you have a cute little dog that runs up to them, panting and shaking and looking for attention? It’s like shooting fish in a barrel my friend.

Whoever invented the local dog park is a genius. They may not have created it to meet women, but it is definitely a great place to hook up with a hottie.

But don’t walk around the dog park like a stalker. If you don’t have a dog yourself, borrow one from your neighbor or friend. It’s always best if you’re an actual dog owner yourself.

That’s about it guys…

Don’t hesitate to check out any of these places when it’s time to meet women. There’s no question in my mind that you’re bound to run into tons of gorgeous females looking for companionship.

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